Pjanic: 'Juve warrior mentali小孩旅游赚钱项目ty'

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Juventus face Monaco this evening in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final, and Pjanic is cautious of dismissing their opponent.

"I’m at this club to play in the most important games and to face the most difficult challenges.

"Am I the same player who left Lyon in 2011? No, not at all! I’m more mature, I have more experience. This is my tenth season: I’m 27, I started at 17. I'm a completely different player.

The 27-year-old signed from Roma in the summer but admits being with the Bianconeri is 'really different'.

Miralem Pjanic insists that Juventus win because they have players with a 'warrior mentality'.

"This season I’ve made great strides," the Bosnian told L’Equipe. "That was my goal when i came here: to become stronger to be among the best.

"There’s an obsession for victory, and they are alw在线外围投注ays focussed on the next game. There is线上足球投注 never time for celebrate and be satisfied because ahead there is always the next challenge to be overcome.

"My game is more physical, my technique has changed. I left early for Italy and experience in Rome was superb. It was a nice progression. Being at Juve is really different.

"If Monaco reach the semi-finals it will be because they deserve it. They are on the verge of winning the title and that is not easy considering the strength of PSG. A Champions League semi-final can never be easy."

"On my arrival I saw warriors, players with this mentality and I realised why this is the club that wins."

"Monaco, out of the teams we could have drawn is the one with the least international experience. This could affect them, but at the same time does not mean anything.